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Saints, Syndicates & Angels w/ Nubi Kay [Partner, Hoaq].
Saints, Syndicates & Angels w/ Nubi Kay [Partner, Hoaq].
Unpacking Nubi's tech journey & lessons as an operator, founder and investor.

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Nubi’s Profile:

Meet Nubi Kay', a seasoned professional in the tech space, currently fostering startup growth at Paystack. A true entrepreneur at heart, he co-founded Nigeria's first online takeaway service, EasyAppetite, and now passionately supports new ventures in Africa and its diaspora through his syndicate, HoaQ.

Episode Summary:

Join us for an inspiring and enlightening conversation with Oluwakayode Nubi, a remarkable figure in the tech industry. Nubi takes us through his captivating journey, starting from his early encounters with technology, to his experiences as a founder, and now as an investor and operator.

Hear first-hand accounts of his early ecosystem experience, his blogging days, and the inception of his first startup. Nubi delves into his shift from founder to investor, and the profound insights he gained from the food delivery sector.

His story is filled with powerful insights about the African tech landscape, the potential of SaaS, Fintechs, crypto, and logistics in African commerce, and the importance of empathy for founders.

This episode is filled with practical advice for anyone interested in the startup space, as Nubi highlights the key elements of successful startups and shares invaluable lessons on culture, resilience, mission, vision, and mentorship.

Don't miss out on this insightful journey into the world of tech startups and investment with Nubi. Tune in, take notes, and be prepared to be inspired. Be sure to subscribe, share, and tweet about this podcast, and follow @vizibleafrica on Twitter for more exciting episodes.

Episode Chapters:

(0:00:00) - Introducing Nubi

(0:07:14) - Transitioning From Founder to Operator Life

(0:13:20) - Understanding Hoaq and Syndicates

(0:17:39) - The Power of Community and Syndicates

(0:27:00) - Choosing Startups to Invest In

(0:34:45) - The Viability of SaaS in Africa

(0:47:33) - Focus and Success in African Startups

(0:53:11) - Lessons and Advice for Startup Success

You can find Nubi at:

  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/nubikay?lang=en

  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nubikay/?originalSubdomain=ae

Some of the things we referenced:

  • Easy Appetite: https://disrupt-africa.com/2016/09/30/nigerias-max-acquires-food-delivery-startup-easyappetite/

  • Hoaq: https://hoaq.club/

  • Simpu: https://www.simpu.co/

  • Nubi’s blog: https://medium.com/@nubikay

You can find Vizible at:

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