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Vybe with the Build w/ Adetolani Eko [CEO & Co-Founder, Vybe]
Vybe with the Build w/ Adetolani Eko [CEO & Co-Founder, Vybe]
The story of building a dating app in a fintech focused market.

Eko’s Profile:

Meet Eko, one of the masterminds behind Vybe! As a co-founder and CEO, he's been on an exhilarating journey as a software engineer, product manager, and business analyst in media, fintech, and VAS industries. Get ready to dive into his incredible story on our podcast!

Episode Summary:

Join us for an intriguing episode as we sit down with Eko, the CEO and co-founder of Vybe, an innovative dating platform tailored for Africans. Eko takes us on a detailed journey from Vybe's inception to its successful execution, addressing the unique challenges faced by Africans using dating apps and how Vybe was designed to overcome them.

In the second part of our discussion, Eko shares his personal experiences as an African tech founder, reflecting on the skepticism he faced and the process of proving doubters wrong with every milestone. He emphasizes the significance of hiring for the soul and the importance of listening to the right people.

Don't miss the captivating stories of Vybe's growth and the hurdles Eko encountered along the way, including managing rejection from YCombinator and navigating the emotional rollercoaster of startup growth. Eko concludes by giving us a sneak peek into the future of Vybe and their exciting expansion plans.

This episode is a must-listen, with Eko's passion and vision for Vybe shining through in every word. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that will inspire and challenge your perceptions about Africa's burgeoning tech sector. Be sure to subscribe, share, and tweet about this podcast, and follow @vizibleafrica on Twitter for more exciting episodes.

Transcript: https://vizible.notion.site/Vybe-with-the-Build-w-Adetolani-Eko-CEO-Co-Founder-Vybe-230b534f07be4a86aafbe8b535a24174?pvs=4

Episode Chapters:

(0:02:30) - Eko’s Background

(0:05:30) - Stumbling on the problem behind Vybe

(0:08:08) - Building Vybe’s MVP in one night

(0:11:30) - Getting their first users

(0:15:40) - Building a startup with three technical founders

(0:17:45) - Managing decision making with multiple founders

(0:21:25) - Moving from 0 to 1

(0:24:45) - Building a dating app in Africa’s fintech focused market

(0:29:36) - Challenges and lessons of building a startup

(0:33:52) - Dealing with YC rejection

(0:41:15) - Lessons from launching Vybe in Kenya

(0:43:47) - How they knew when it was time to raise money

(0:50:45) - Vybe’s future plans

(0:58:20) - Eko’s closing thoughts

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